Why We Love the Brands We Promote

Everyone knows that every salon promotes specific brands, although it isn’t always clear as to why. Here at Beard & Bardot, we promote only a few specific ones, and we believe in being transparent about what we like and why we like it so much.

Kevin Murphy

If you’ve ever been into our salon, you’ve seen Kevin Murphy products. We use them frequently and display them proudly. Kevin Murphy is very in-tune with the environment and believes that we should all do our part to protect the resources we have and do as little damage to it as possible. They are aware of everything they take and use. “In light of this knowledge, at KEVIN.MURPHY, we make every effort to help and protect the environment by utilising packaging that is recyclable or biodegradable. We use only natural ingredients from sustainable and renewable sources, that are harvested in a way that does no harm to the environment at all.” They believe in remaining conscious of the environment with every decision they make, from packaging to product.

Kevin Murphy also believes in giving back to the community. They know that they are blessed to have the support they do, and they use their success to help create and sustain a better future. They support Al Gore’s climate charity, The Climate Reality Project. This project is dedicated to educating the public on their impact on the climate, while also teaching them the science behind it. Wings of Karen is a breast cancer charity focused in the Pacific North West that Kevin Murphy also supports. As well, Kevin Murphy supports the Culture is Life project. Indigenous youth have the highest rate of suicide, and the Culture is Life project brings awareness to this while also providing support for the communities at risk, providing a sense of connection to their country, and giving them a voice alongside emotional and mental support.

Kevin Murphy partners with Green Circle Salon, a company that we at Beard & Bardot are also proud to be involved with. This company helps salon recycle 95% of salon waste, greatly reducing the impact of the supplies we use on the environment. Kevin Murphy supports and is aware of many areas of environmental impact that salons can have, from climate to the oceans, to just the earth.

Kevin Murphy is also proudly a PETA approved company. They refuse to test on animals and avoid using any ingredient that may cause harm to them or the environment somehow.

Their values and choices so greatly align with ours making us very happy and proud to use and promote their products to our clients.

image sourced from: www.rootsandbrancheskc.com/kevin-murphy/


L’ANZA is the company that creates our hair colour products, and they were one of the first to produce colour that address individual hair needs over the mass need. They are also proud to be cruelty free, vowing to never test on animals with their company.

L’ANZA is a big believer in trend setting and being fashion forward in your own way. Their mission statement is B.I.G – Believe, Inspire, and Grow. “L’ANZA aspires to be the catalyst for stylists, educators, and consumers, to BELIEVE in their own vision for a more beautiful self and world.”

Their products also promote healthy hair, using a Keratin Bonding System, and a Keratin Healing System to allow your hair to keep its strength and beauty despite putting a colour treatment into it. Their colour also provides long lasting colour, reducing the amount of product needed overall, and reducing the amount of damage needed to get the desired outcome.

image sourced from: https://www.lanza.com/

Mammoth Beard Co.

Mammoth Beard Co. is a company born out of Alberta only 4 years ago n 2014, and they are a believer in using quality ingredients to that deliver without compromising the outcome of using the product. One of their founders has a formal education in aromatherapy, giving them an edge in using essential oils safely and properly. “Our oils and balms have been tried and tested on real beards through the worst that Canadian winters have to offer, and we are confident that you will find our products to be among the best out there.”

image sourced from: www.saulsbeautyshop.ca/2014/11/mammoth-beard-co-is-here.html

Come into the salon and check out the products we love and are proud to use!

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