When Should You Rebook With Your Stylist?

We all know that our beautiful hair needs upkeep, but when every type of treatment grows out and fades differently, it isn’t always easy to know when we should be booking our next appointment with our favourite stylist. This is a suggested guideline of when to schedule your next visit. Remember, not all hair grows at the same rate, and not all colour will last the way we expect it to, so if you feel like you need a refresh, or you really aren’t sure you can always pop by to visit your stylist and get their opinion on how long to wait!

Haircuts – if you want to maintain a specific cut and style, the best bet is to book within 4-6 weeks of your last appointment. If you just want to maintain the health and integrity of your hair, 10-12 weeks is our suggested wait time.

A drastic cut - she donated her hair too!

Root touch up – we recommend booking within 4-6 weeks of your last appointment, however if your hair isn’t growing as quickly as expected, you are welcome to push it a bit father!

A beautiful colour correction, but that darker colour will require retouching!

Bleached out hair – unless you have a very light brown or a dark blonde natural root, the grow out on a bleach can look very extreme. We highly recommend you do not wait longer than 6-8 weeks to get your hair touched up.

This crazy beautiful bleach needs a lot of upkeep!

Balayage – a balayage grows out very nicely without being obvious, but you still want to refresh it every 2-6 months to keep it looking fresh and bright.

This will naturally grow out beautifully but keeping the subtle blend takes work

Highlights – we recommend booking your next appointment within 6-8 weeks to keep your highlights consistent and beautiful.

Highlights are stunning but will need consistent touch ups.

Of course, depending on how quickly your hair grows, these numbers may change. Your stylist will be able to recommend the best time to rebook, just ask!

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