What Can Change the Price of Your Visit From Quoted Price to Payment

So you asked for a quote when you booked, but after your service, the price is different and you can’t figure out why! We’ve all be in this situation, but sometimes it isn’t always clear as to what happened. Here are a few ideas that might explain the price jump.

Change in technique – you might have been booked for a balayage with foils, but your stylist determined that you needed a careful freehand technique instead, which is both harder and generally takes more time, so suddenly, your price went up a bit. This isn’t common but does happen. Just know that your stylist doesn’t do this to force a higher bill, but to ensure that your hair comes out looking the best it possibly can.

Added product/bonding agent – our pricing is based off a standard amount of product but depending on the thickness or length of your hair, you might have needed more than we plan for. This will cause us to add a bit more onto the bill to cover the cost of product used.

More time – maybe you were booked for a haircut, or highlights, and more work needed to be done than expected, or you have longer hair than we thought, that will reflect in how long it takes to complete your treatment. Time is money they say, so that will reflect in your bill. We try to ask all the appropriate questions, but we don’t always get it correct over the phone, so unless you are booking in the salon, sometimes the amount of time we estimate is incorrect.

Added cut/style – if you only booked to get your hair coloured but decide to get a trim or style while you’re here, we will happily do it, but it’ll add to the price of your visit. We try to make sure you know what you are getting when you come in, but that isn’t always fully possible – especially if we book you a few months in advance.

Different stylist – this doesn’t happen often but sometimes we must change the stylist you see. This can change the price you pay in either direction as each stylist has a different price range based on experience and each stylist works in different amounts of time.

Treatment – if we think you could benefit from it, or if you request it, a smoothing treatment, moisturizing treatment, or other type of treatment may be added. We will clarify if this is something you’d like, but if you go for it, it will change the price of your visit.

We will always try to give you the most accurate quote we can if you ask for it, but there are always variables that we won’t know until the day of that could affect your pricing one way or another. We always will give you the heads up and ask permission to go ahead with added services before we do them!

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