Salon Etiquette


We've been inspired by our other favorite salons to post about salon etiquette, so that we can better serve you and build stronger relationships with our valued clients.

So, here it is!

Time & Appointments:

We understand things come up! Kids get sick, pets run away, or a crazy traffic accident has you late and/or causes you to have to cancel your appointment. We just please ask that if you can, give us a minimum of 24 hours notice (more is better!) before cancelling or even rescheduling. If you are more than 15 minutes late, this could result in needing to reschedule your appointment. Charges are applied to less than 24 hours notice and 50% of your service will be charged as a deposit to reschedule.


Our time is valuable (just as yours is!). If you "no show" we have reserved specific time for YOU, which means if you aren't in our chair, no one is, which means we make 0 dollars. This leaves gaps where we could have put someone else who maybe has had to wait weeks to get in! Please be respectful. We have an automated messaging service to remind everyone of their appointments upon booking. Also, if you are more than 15 minutes late, we become late for everyone else. Not ideal.


We LOVE us some little ones and some of us are mothers as well here at the salon (so we get it). Children are more than welcome to come and hang out for your appointment if they have to. For a lot of clients, coming to their hair appointment is a time for them to get away from their children and have "me time" or "adult time". If yours can hang out quietly and have packed their patience to wait, then bring them in! We of course cut kids hair too, so that could be a good distraction if they do get stuck having to come with you (it's not so fun for them even though it is for us!)

We appreciate and are so thankful to be able to serve our community! Thank you to YOU, our very loyal clients!


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