How to Care For Your Hair Extensions

Taking care of you newly long locks is just as (if not more) important as taking care of your real hair. Extensions can be a beautiful and lasting investment, but cared for incorrectly they can become dry, damaged, moldy (yes! moldy!) and even matted and not last as long as expected.

While they are real hair, you don’t need to wash your extensions as often as your natural hair. For clip in extensions, we recommend washing them every 15-20 wears, or when there is a lot of product build up. For more permanent extensions, you will wash them as you would your normal hair, however be careful not to tug or pull them out by accident. Being gentler with them will allow them to last longer.

To wash your hair extensions, first brush them out carefully to loosen any product and remove any tangles. Make sure that the shampoo your using is sulphate free, and then wash thoroughly. If you need to, section off your hair and wash each part individually. Condition, allowing it to soak in for a minimum of 5 minutes, and rinse thoroughly. Allow the hair to fully dry at the scalp before going to sleep. blow drying your hair is essential.

Some general tips for caring for your hair extensions include using a heat protecting spray, and using a dry shampoo to avoid washing your hair as often. Comb between washes and avoid salt water or chlorine. If you swim on a regular basis, wear a cap. Comb between washes and avoid salt water or chlorine. Invest in a moisturizing, reparative serum for the ends. Your extensions can last quite a long time if cared for properly, so make sure you know the basics, and ask your stylist if you're unsure on anything!

Beautiful long extensions done in our salon

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