Coconut Oil is All the Rage - but is it Really Working the Way You Think it is?

In every “life hack” video we’ve ever seen, there is always coconut oil. On your teeth, on your skin, on your nails, or for your hair. If we believed all the claims made about coconut oil, it could fix nearly any problem we face. How true are the claims though, really?

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Coconut oil is most often shown as being used to help de-frizz and moisturize hair. It is shown used on it’s own, or with other ingredients like honey, apple cider vinegar, or any other household “hack” item. True to the video’s claims, the model always come out with shinier, soft looking hair. However, the videos aren’t showing you what it is really doing to the hair.

Let us be clear, we are talking about store-bought coconut oil. A lot of hair products have coconut oil in them, but in those cases, the oil has been treated and manufactured to work with the other ingredients for the desired affect. Coconut oil isn’t inherently bad, but the way DIY hacks show it is.

Coconut oil has a waxy consistency when cold, that turns to a more liquid state when heated. However, the components of coconut oil are not naturally made to be absorbed by hair. The cuticle of the hair cannot absorb the coconut oil the way it absorbs serums made for hair. Instead, the coconut oil simply covers the hair, giving the appearance of smoother and softer follicles. This is rather damaging, as the hair then cannot absorb natural oils as well and is trapped under the coconut oil. Much like makeup simply hides blemishes, coconut oil fills in the bumps and ridges, hiding them. Removing the coconut oil from hair is no easy task either, as it’s waxy coating clings to the cuticle.

Coconut oil is definitely a useful product, when it’s kept out of your hair. Leave the coconut oil for baking and your skin and keep to products that are designed for your hair only. If you aren’t sure if something is good for your hair, ask a stylist you trust! They will thank you for it!

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