Benefits of Regular Haircuts

Getting your haircut is something we all do, and something most of us probably forget to upkeep as often as we should. Even when you’re growing your hair out, getting regular trims is still a good idea. There are actual benefits to getting your hair cut on a regular basis, but most people don’t realize what those benefits are.

Keeping your style

Of course, the most obvious benefit is keeping a particular style neat and tidy. Regular haircuts, we recommend every 4-6 weeks, will keep your hair from losing its shape and style while still letting it keep its health and strength. By removing any breakage or split ends, your hair will retain the original shape you got from your style.

With regular cuts, her style remains looking healthy and her colour is able to naturally grow out - cut and colour done in our salon

Longer, thicker hair

It sounds counterintuitive, but cutting your hair actually helps your hair grow and remain healthy! By removing any damage your hair has sustained, your hair is able to naturally keep its oils in and grow at its natural rate. Removing any split ends also allows your hair to look shinier, healthier, and thicker. We recommend you get your hair cut every 10-12 weeks just to maintain the health and integrity of your hair.

After getting her hair cut, it looks much healthier and thicker, despite losing a lot of length - done in our salon

Easier salon visits

Getting your hair cut regularly means that on your visits to the salon, less needs to be taken off to remove the split ends and dead hair than if you try to wait as long as possible between haircuts. This makes your appointment easier, quicker, and keeps your style and length looking consistent. Your stylist will only need to do a minor trim and reshape to return you to looking your absolute best.

cut and colour done in our salon

Our hair is our biggest accessory, we wear it every day, and it can drastically change our appearance. You want to keep it looking and feeling its best, and regular haircuts are just a part of that, but a big part.

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