Balayage - Why is this trendy style so expensive?

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

One of the biggest hair trends right now is the balayage, a beautiful soft transition of colour, generally going from a dark root to a lighter tip. It is subtle, and almost seems like it just might be a natural colour progression, a darker toned root transitioning seamlessly into a beautiful sun kissed summer shade. Achieving this subtle and beautiful transition is no easy matter though.

While there are multiple methods of achieving a balayage, the most commonly seen methods are a freehand application or a foil application. The word balayage is derived from the French verb “to sweep” - de balayer, which makes a lot of sense if you have ever seen a stylist creating a balayage. The product is quite literally swept through certain sections of the hair, covering a larger area with product towards the ends and outside edges, with precise placement, allowing the new colour to naturally blend with the existing colour.

Of course, a balayage does not need to simply be a transition from your natural colour to a lighter tone. You can be adventurous and choose to transition to a bright, unnatural colour also. The opportunities are endless.

Finding a stylist with the experience, knowledge, and ability to perfect the different techniques of a balayage can be difficult. Those who have mastered the technique have spent countless hours and financial means to educated them selves with the seemingly effortless, natural look. The sweeping of the colour takes more time, as each section is separated and is meticulously blended properly with no guide to easily follow, with more creative, artistic flow and control. The added time it takes and precision of this art form is calculated into the cost of a balayage service. However with the natural, blended transition from root to tip, you will not need to book root touch ups or colour touch ups for far longer. While this is an expensive style to achieve initially, it lasts longer, saving you a bit more in the end.

Balayage done on one of our gorgeous clients here at Beard & Bardot!

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