All About Extension Types - From Permanent to Day-to-Day

We’ve had a lot of clients coming into the salon to get extensions, and we are so excited to be doing so many of them! There is a lot to know about extensions, and it isn’t always easy to know what type of extension is the best one for your hair. Our stylists (specifically the ones that love to do them!) helped come up with an easy guide for what type of extension suits your hair type, and hair goals.

Tape-in Extensions

The ideal texture for tape-in extensions is fine hair, and generally medium thickness. They are good for mostly any length of hair. They are usually used more for volume, but length can be achieved, however more extensions are needed to get good length results. The extensions grow out naturally with your hair. The maintenance for tape-in’s is a bit of work, as every 2 months your stylists will need a glue remover to break down the tape bonds and then replace all of them with fresh tape. Tape-ins cannot have hot heat on them but are super comfortable. They lie flat to the head and are virtually invisable. You are able to do many different styles (such as up-dos, pony tails etc.) without the installation showing much.

Traditional Weave

The ideal texture for a traditional weave is coarse and thicker hair. This type of weave can be used for length, thickness, colour integration and new styles. Traditional weaves can be damaging to natural hair if not done properly and on the right type of hair, as it is in a tight braid until it is removed and redone. Hair is sewn in so there is a lot of stress to the natural hair, which can promote breakage, shedding, pulling, and can be uncomfortable. Traditional weaves do last longer and don’t get removed often.

Traditional weaves are applied onto a corn-row style braid

Hand-Tied Weft (Micro-Beading)

Hand-tied wefts, also known as micro-beading, is the most common “permanent” extension. The ideal texture is medium-fine to coarse hair, and medium thickness to full thickness. Baby fine textured hair is not ideal for this type as density is needed to conceal the application area of the extensions. This technique differs from the traditional weave in that instead of braiding the natural hair, you anchor a row of beads onto the natural hair which is then sewn through the beads as opposed to through a braid. The weight of the extensions is evenly dispersed over the head on the beads. Maintenance on micro-beaded wefts is every two months, as the natural hair grows out. If cared for properly there will be no matting or loss of extension strength. The extension has to be taken out and redone with the initial method every 2 months, to return the beads to the root of the hair. This type of extension is fantastic for any hair style (heat is allowed on the extensions if real human hair is used). It is great for putting hair up, as the bead application generally will not show.


Nano-link extensions are very similar to micro-beads however they are ideal for people with breakage and fine hair. Unlike micro-beading, nano-links are not great for medium-thick to thick hair as too many beads would be needed. The extension maintenance is the same as micro-beading though, every two months as it grows out with the hair. If cared for properly, there will be no matting or loss of extension strength. Sometimes the beads need to be taken out and redone with the initial method, other times the beads can simply be shifted into a new position on the hair. This type of extensions is good for styling hair without the beads showing, as the beads are so small that they don’t show easily.


Clip-ins are generally the simplest type of extension and are ideal for people needing volume and a small amount of length (<2”). They are very low maintenance as they do not need to be put in every day, but they do need to come out every night, so if you want a more permanent look, they are not a great option. Clip-ins are harder to hide for up-dos as the application tool is rather large, they are best for one length styles that just need more volume. It is highly recommended that you get a stylist to blend them to your hair so when they are in, they look natural.


This is an older extension application that is not used as often anymore. It is very damaging to all hair types, and not recommended for anyone. Very few places will do this technique. We do not at Beard & Bardot.

Extensions are a great way to get volume you don’t have, or length you don’t have time to grow. It is rare that extensions damage your hair in any permanent way, and if you are willing to put the time, effort, and money in, extensions are well worth the maintenance and care. We welcome you to bring in your own hair, however if you want to have us get your hair for you, we currently source from Extensions by Victoria, a celebrity hair stylist who owns her own extension brand. Check out her instagram!

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