At Beard & Bardot, we believe that style is constantly evolving.  We strive to encourage your individual style by staying on top of the latest trends and by continuing education.  We are proud to be a green salon providing sustainable and ethical products, along with being a part of Green Circle Salons to take care of the environment when it comes to salon waste.


Our Downtown Abbotsford salon has a comfortable, trend focused, inclusive to all and creative atmosphere, with a passionate team who strive to make every client feel beautiful and confident.



We proudly partner with our clients to recycle 95% of salon waste to help maintain a pathway to  sustainability.  We collect, recycle and repurpose hair, soiled foils, color tubes, aerosols, gloves, excess hair color and lightener, gel polish bottles, glass, plastics, cardboard and paper, electronics, batteries, and light bulbs.


Human hair has purpose:

Green Circle manufactures hair booms for the purposes of oil spill cleanup. Human hair has the same adsorbent properties as an animal’s fur or feathers and proves extraordinarily effective at removing oil from water. Green Circle donates booms to any party in the event of an oil spill.